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    CFPB gets earful from consumers about mortgage servicers
    Complaints to the bureau hit an all-time high in April. More than one in five said servicers wouldn't grant deferrals, forced borrowers into forbearance or violated other requirements of the coronavirus relief law.

    (Full story here.)
    Bisignano's priorities as Fiserv CEO: Bond with banks, invest in tech
    Incoming chief Frank Bisignano downplays any pressure to find $1.2 billion in cost cuts promised to shareholders from the acquisition of First Data. Instead he emphasized his track record of producing revenue growth and pledged to keep funding innovation projects.

    (Full story here.)
    Lenders worry they could be stuck with billions in PPP loans
    Banks could end up holding many low-rate Paycheck Protection Program loans on their books for two years, and dealing with irate borrowers who failed to meet federal requirements for forgiveness.

    (Full story here.)
    Banks tore up digital scripts once pandemic hit
    U.S. Bancorp, Wells Fargo, WSFS and others were already deeply engaged in digital transformations before the coronavirus crisis led them to pivot — quickly.

    (Full story here.)
    Banks' back-to-the-office playbook
    Financial institutions are looking for a way to return some employees to their workplaces while prioritizing safety. The answer may involve contact tracing technology and the automation of a wide range of activities.

    (Full story here.)
    Borrowers may fall shy of PPP forgiveness standard, watchdog warns
    Georgia County Steels Itself to Reopen Despite 10% Death Rate
    The Small Business Administration's inspector general also flagged a number of shortcomings in the implementation of the Paycheck Protection Program.

    (Full story here.)
    Coronavirus through the eyes of front-line bankers
    Often overlooked in narratives about essential workers, branch and call-center employees are responding to challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. They've processed emergency-relief loans late into the night, coached customers unfamiliar with mobile banking and made house calls to elderly account holders.

    (Full story here.)
    Is Fed taking too long on middle-market loan relief?
    The agency is being methodical in its rollout of the Main Street Lending Program in hopes of avoiding missteps that followed the launch of other coronavirus relief efforts. But observers say delaying aid brings its own risks.

    (Full story here.)
    Battered by coronavirus crisis, online lenders face reckoning
    The upstarts enjoyed rapid growth during the long economic expansion. Now they are on the ropes.

    (Full story here.)
    Why Samsung is following Apple, Google into consumer banking
    In announcing its plan to offer a deposit account and debit card in partnership with SoFi, the mobile phone maker suggested that the coronavirus pandemic will accelerate consumers' adoption of contactless payments.

    (Full story here.)
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